Chris Mead is a professional consultant and creative thinker who believes that people will participate when you tap into what they care about.


The way we construct our stories is how we influence our audience.

Every detail in our work is in the belief that people think and act by the narrative they follow.

We follow and connect deeply in what is meaningful and relevant to us at the time.

Creature Tales comes from the idea that authentic relationships are made possible through truly knowing each others stories.

The opportunity of these connections have the potential to influence positive change with rewarding outcomes and sustained engagement.


Visitor Experience, Customer Service 

Cultural Tourism

Tourism training and interpretation consultancy for making memories that last.

Enhance workplace cohesion and productivity.
Increase positive word of mouth and sales.

Learn to effectively and strategically deliver a consistent message connected to the values of your vision and brand.


Our long term relationship delivering ship entertainment for TT-LINE acts as an onboard marketing function that supports the company’s vision in promoting the Tasmanian brand.

The warmth of authentic Tasmanian storytelling, arts and live music invigorates anticipation and investment for the visitor experience on route to their island destination.


Community Cultural Development 

Participatory Arts

Project management/consultancy, team building workshops and public presentations.

Enabling capacity for positive health outcomes through creative self engagement.

Creature Tales achievements include invitations to international conferences to advocate for creative participation as a standard human right at any stage of life.

Arts is not only good for our wellbeing but essential

for the health and economy of our communities.

National Leadership Award, Arts and Health Australia 2014
Semi Finalist, Tasmanian Community Achievement Award 2014
Finalist, Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards 2013
Arts and Community Health Award, Arts and Health Australia 2012