Big Window Project

Jobless families face multiple barriers and it requires more than an isolated service delivery method to solve complex problems. The arts have the ability to connect, stir curiosity and nurture an engagement process. Potential project participants from a hard to reach target group may engage with your community based ideas when a film tells the story effectively. This tool is also critical to fostering the partnerships required. The Big Window Project is a social design that works with long term unemployed. It brings together aged care providers and RTO TasTAFE who support this arts in health program. The learning's identified from 2 years of work is that the project fairs well with the multi layered approach of classroom learning, literacy mentorship, group socialisation and artist led activities in situ. The focus is on one of the highest growth employment areas and the benefits are two-fold in the aged care facilities for both participants and residents. The relationships formed influence a new focus as residents, artists and care staff become positive role models and participants emerge from their learning experiences resilient for a transition to education and employment.

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