Spirit of Tasmania is the ferry service that sails between Devonport (TAS) and Melbourne (VIC). Since 2006, Creature Tales has been delivering a Tasmanian themed cultural tourism product designed to complement the shipping company's (TT - LINE) strategic focus to boost passenger numbers and exceed passenger expectations. Our objectives include influencing consumer perception through arts practises as an on-board marketing function adding value to promotions of Tasmania's core appeals to visitors and enhance the iconic status of travelling by sea to Tasmanians. Our trained crew of Circus Artists, Solo Musicians, Wildlife Presenters, Discovery Rangers,  Speed Painters, Caricaturists and Face & Body Artists blur the line between entertainer and audience. Our experience of meeting the needs of travellers continues to re-enforce that they desire to be involved, to learn something, to have hands on experiences and receive an authentic connection to sense of place. Through effectively communicating our island stories, warmth and hospitality, this model is strategically aimed to support the tourism economy and boost the local arts economy through developing on-board entertainment with artists, diversifying their practise to create work in "Arts and Cultural Tourism"

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