The Billy Project

Horizons are limited in pockets of regional Australia as we raise our families in areas deemed disadvantaged.  Our circles of connection are small and aspirations are stifled. The Billy Project focusses on pivotal transitions children make to full time schooling as their best start possible has the potential to map their futures.  We are equally as interested in their sense of belonging in the community as small children emerge into their local neighbourhoods. "Billy" is the name coined for each child that lives in your street.  A child friendly community for "Little Billies" offers both a sense of protection and a freedom to play as we did as children.  Billycarts provide the hook, stories and connections to what we care about in childhood. This intergenerational exchange is a social ecological model that brings families, artists, seniors and school staff together with the collective priority to create happy childhood memories that culminate in an annual street procession.  A rite of passage for parent and child who proudly parade in the name of putting children first.

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