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Creature Tales is a creative pot of social innovators, disrupting our preconceived ideas whilst making fun stuff happen.


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Chris Mead is a creative project producer and consultant.

Creature Tales is an agile business affecting change in health, community, arts, education and cultural tourism.

The diversity of work delivered over 22 years is driven by giving voice to untold stories, allowing space to re-examine what we have percieved in a new light. We are all creatures at risk of being labelled, misunderstoond or marginalised.

We are influenced by the stories we hear and tell ourselves. We attach these to our personal values and belief systems. Storytelling that taps into what we care about produces a deep connection. This connnection has the power for your audience to re-imagine choices. By developing strategic communication and inclusive place-based initatives, we have the opportunity to strengthen the social fabric of society, improve health, opportunity and the economy of our communities.

Whether entertaining on a ship engaging passengers or participating with people living with dementia in the community, the basis of exchange is relationship centred care. The collective aim is concise and consistent; to re-imagine the value of our people and place in the world and the fun we can have together.

Our clients and collaborators include:

Individual Artists and Arts Organisations

State Government Agencies

Community Health Organisations

Aged & Community Care

Schools & Education Departments

Local Councils


Tourism Businesses

Conferences, Forums & Events

Australian Centre for Arts and Health Awards

National Arts and Community Health 2012
National Leadership 2014

Consultancy Services

Chris provides training and consultancy in asset based community cultural development and customer focussed communication in cultural tourism and visitor experience. He will train your staff to strategically communicate a consistent message that influences your audience to invest in your community, organisation or brand.

Conference Speaker

Chris has presented at state, national and international conferences and is a poetic public speaker on creative engagement.

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