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Promoting Tasmanian Brand. Supporting Tasmanian Artists.

Spirit of Tasmania sails between Devonport (Tas) and Geelong (Vic). Our crew has been delivering ship entertainment on board since 2006.

The Creature Tales Crew of entertainers we engage understand that this is not a normal gig! Artists, musicians and storytellers are mentored and collaborate to maintain a continuty of delivery on board. We aim high to exceed passenger expectations and deliver warm, authentic Tasmanian hospitality.

The development of program activities is strategic to the demographic travelling during school and non-school holidays. The content includes hands on activities, making of artistic mementoes, stories where we feel a sense of the Tasmanian destination, original music inspired by place, and presentations that tap into the core appeals of our island state.

Our approach of engagement is to blur the line between audience and performer, evoke wonder and curiousity for visitors arriving in Tasmania and celebrate pride with the locals as to the unique place they call home.

This long-standing service supports two strategies that align to the values and purpose of Creature Tales to influence creative social and economic change.

Our annual proposal maintains a point of difference of delivering an arts and cultural tourism product that strategically complements the promotion of the Tasmanian visitor experience and Spirit of Tasmania brand. Although the economic impact may appear immeasurable, the influence on passenger satisfaction adds value to both the shipping company and overall Tasmanian vistor experience.

"Engaging, talented, inclusive and very entertaining."

"Both entertainers were great ambassadors for Tassie and the Spirit of Tasmania, they were the highlight of the trip for me."

"Yvonne's poetry session was terrific. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she was so encouraging of everyone."

"Thomas created a fabulous atmosphere for everyone. He had interesting stories about his life that made the music and experience more personal."

Creature Tales promotes the growth of our diverse creative industries. What is close to our heart is that this work provides an avenue for artists to diversify their own practise, learn from their experiences, secure a source of income, and expand opportunities to promote their own products and business.

Click here for short film with musicians discussing the work.


Document this moment. Share the stories of you, your family or your organisation.

The process is professional and collaborative. Chris co-creates with you to tell the story you want to share.

Together, we have creative time to work on your story project. The filming then begins with gentle conversational style interviews with a camera, lighting and lav mics. Additional footage is captured to accompany your story. You are the co-producer of your video and review an edited rough cut before final production.

Chris is gaining a fine reputation for capturing the essence and authenticity of the people or community he films. He is commissioned by organisations to tell the story of their development and outcomes. This is often well done in two or three phases of their project.

Chris has created his own project films with individuals living with dementia, attracting considerable attention for this unique and sensitive work. The process of engagement and sincere connections made is most noted by all participants as a key point as to why they recommend Chris.

Click here to see a film example.

The Moving Story Project with Arts Health Agency Inc.

"Chris, I know one particular family whose husband passed away days after your video making and they are so very grateful for your amazing work."
"I found the making of the film uplifting. It is a good idea to tell our story of how we have reached this point in the journey. I hope it helps others. We also had a lot of laughs during the process."

Short community films commissioned by Health Consumer Tasmania

"The finished products hit a very high standard, was fit for purpose and enthusiastically received by our group. I found Chris to be the consummate professional, courteous and skilled, with the ability to put the interviewee at ease. Excellent results. I would heartily recommend him for all of your audio visual needs.

~ Eddie Roberts, HCT Community Steering Group Member.

Contact Chris for pricing and rates in creating a short documentary or audio file with you. Please consider starting a conversation as we may be able to assist you in ways to raise funds if necessary to produce your story.

Let us not wait to say we wish we could have done this earlier. Is this is a good time to tell your story?


Enabling participatory arts in health. Equal access for people at any stage of life.

Creature Tales acts to prevent loneliness, isolation and poorer health attributed to the loss of meaningful, social connections.

It is a human right that everybody has access to a creative and cultural life.

Our weekly programs with Munnew Day Centre are truly collaborative in giving voice to individual clients with access to co-create with professional artists. Our approach is adaptable to any health related setting or individual.

Relationship centred care and authentic consultation is the foundation of fostering connections and developing a creative exchange. Clients enact self engagement when presented with opportunities to participate in music, film and storytelling that provokes memory and imagination. We stay curious to stories recalled of past experiences and provide avenues for creative self expression. The security of regular engagement, creative purpose and inclusion is the basis of co-design that respects autonomy and dignity of choice.

Creative artists are mentored to work in this sector where relationship building and individualised care nurtures their practise in participatory arts and health.

Contact Chris for services that will enable your clients, participants or staff to work with professional artists.