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The Creature Tales Crew 2023
Chris Mead

As a small boy, the only job that Chris wanted when he grew up was to be a clown. Not for the audience applause, but for making sad people happy again. The purpose hasn't strayed enormously. Creature Tales is not an agent or entertainment company. Chris is resolute in producing work that is impactful and aims to influence change. I am so proud to support, promote and welcome you to the people of 2023 who work within the Creature Tales vision to make fun stuff happen with significant outcomes.

Brad Von Rock

Brad is our lead artist in community health with a natural gift for conjuring an atmosphere where we feel safe to participate. Brad flourished in refining his banter and exchange with audiences during five years as a Creature Tales ship entertainer. Affectionately known as the 'humun jukebox' that can play almost any song, his infectious enthusiasm and genuine interaction creates space for us all to have a shared experience that is very special indeed.

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Ted Hicks

'Steady Teddy' has kept the beat in many musical incarnations with our artists including 'Banned for Life' and currently with 'The Silver Foxes'. Ted is an encourager and a fine gentleman that we have had a long and close relationship with at dementia specific Munnew Day Centre. Ted was a participant in the Moving Story project and is an avid advocate for music in care settings. Ted was awarded the longest living member of the Tasmanian Bands League in 2021. Watch Ted's film.

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Jim Gore

Jim loves singing and performing. Life would not be the same without this connection and his darling wife by his side. A key member of "The Silver Foxes", Jim is currently leading the songwriting recalling many life adventures with the timing and nuance of a fine storyteller. A King Island boy that travelled the world in the army, and later worked for Tasmanian railways. He'll tell you his memory is slipping but there is nothing thats going to stop Jim embracing music and these moments of the here and now. Watch Jim's film.

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Michael Walden

Michael has a harmonica with him at all times and reminds us of the great Max Roach behind the skins. Michael's bass drum is a suitcase reminiscent of the one in his hand arriving as a 'ten pound pom' in the 70's by ship. A man about town wearing the best shoes in the house who is unwavered by memory loss and as he would say, 'all that jazz.' Essential percussionist of "The Silver Foxes" who he wants to tour and perform to more audiences.

Jimmy Reece

Jimmy is a creative comrade that produces music for video, film and audio stories. An artist for the projects 'Moving Story', 'No Song Left Unsung' and 'Soul Connection', Jimmy's musicianship and technical expertise has no limits. He's the can do guy that you want by your side. Jimmy stays curious to the somewhat madcap ideas Chris presents and I honestly can't imagine not having this fine gentleman around. Thanks Jimmy for the website design and teaching a man to fish.

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Zac Henderson

Zac continues to write and release songs that take you by the cuff and you're belted in for the ride. Just as the poster says, Zac is truly a great authentic storyteller. Songs are laced with a Tasmanian meloncholy, humour and the agency to resolve what life throws at us. Zac's music is both timeless and steadfastly entrenched in this blossoming era of contemporary Tasmanian folk music. Zac has toured the UK, Europe, Australia and played support for legendary company such as Neil Finn, Thirsty Merc and Dan Sultan. We are blessed to welcome this man from the south to sail with us again in 2023.

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Caro Henwood

Vintage photo of early beginnings in 2011. Caro's influence and leadership in the face and body painting community has been held with the highest regard for many years. An invaluable member and veteran of the day sailing crew, Caro assists in coordinating and supporting artists during the bustling school holiday programs. That smile never changes and she is one of the kindest, generous humans you will ever have the pleasure to work with.

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Dylan Boys

If you mention Dylan Boys, someone will start talking about seeing him blow audiences away as a 12 yr old, playing his heart out in the corner of a Penguin Cafe. Dylan is still turning heads and recently proceeded to the 2nd round of the televison show 'Áustralian Idol'. That's no small feat. The music festival directors are putting his name on the bill and new original music is being released. This is Dylan's moment and a chance for ship audiences to experience this passage of time with him.

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Claire Bindoff

Claire runs away with the circus any chance she can get and why not! Touring companies are recognising her talent and pedigree of being yet another amazing SlipStream Circus export. As part of her life tapestry, Claire returns to ship entertainment this year where she began her Creature Tales adventures at 18 yrs old. Claire is also an important circus artist in community health, much loved by clients of both Munnew Day Centre and dementia friendly Connect Cafe.

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Thomas Mitchell

ABC Radio Host, Helen Shields, voted Thomas's performance on board Spirit of Tasmania in her top 5 music concert highlights of the year. Thomas's soundcheck turns passenger heads as they they know this is not going to be pub grub cover music. It is the finery of a musician with transportative songs that nails a sense of place. Imagine the scent of sassafras after rain, a peaty single malt and trout simmering over the fire. Or maybe that's just me. You'll have to see for yourself. Thomas is also the lead guitarist for the sublime 4-piece band, Raccoon Dogs.

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Yvonne Gluyas

The unforgettable Yvonne. She exhumes love for Tasmania, people, food, spoken words and performance. A mighty character and coordinator for the annual state poetry slam events and key member of her beloved Toastmasters Club. Yvonne is a natural in front of an audience and draws you in with her exuberant tales. She is likely to have you joining her on stage before you know it and she sure loves, loves, loves being a Storytelling Host on board Spirit of Tasmania.

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Image Title

Hope joined the crew at 17 yrs old and it feels like such a long time ago that we call her a 'senior' now. It's only been a few years but she has packed in a lot of personal and professional achievements and nothing is going to stop this most ambitious artist. Hope's world is her oyster. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, is a mixed media artist and was a finalist for the prestigious tidal.22 exhibition at Devonport Regional Gallery. Hope has been the Curator for RANT Arts Youth Week Reclaim Exhibition and advocates for young artists to connect and create together. And here she is again, working super hard on Spirit of Tasmania and bringing art making and face painting joy to passengers on board. It's always fabulous to have you back.

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Ben Wilson

Founder of Raccoon Dog, with a new album and playing the big festival dates. Ben wrote a swag of songs from his experiences navigating life in his hometown of Portland Oregan USA. Three Tassie lads pick up their instruments in honour of Ben's sound and the alliance is seemlessly complete. A fast growing fan base and music sales is testament to this. Raccoon Dog's credits include Falls Festival, Dark MoFo, Panama, Festivale and Forth Blues Festival. There is much more to come and everybody is watching this space. It is a privilege to see Ben revisit his roots as a solo performer. In contrast to street busking on the other side of the world, Ben Wilson joins us to play on the rolling seas.

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Jasper Fleer

Around the time that the Spirit of Tasmania 3 vessel was sailing its last voyage to Sydney, Jasper recalls being in a pram at the terminal where his father worked. Just a few years later he is at SlipStream circus classes with a young trainer named Andy Trudgian. Andy was the first to bring 'Circus at Sea' to our program onboard and is simply a legend to us.

Jasper is walking in the footsteps of circus greats that we have had the pleasure to work with including Robin Godfrey, Dani Black, Joe Fisher, Mieke Lizotte, Matvei Eli, Hana Flanagan, Ciara Thorburn and Claire Bindoff. At 17yrs old, he has made a television appearance and performed at festivals and conventions. We are so proud to present Jasper Fleer. A name that is very much gaining a fine reputation for his juggling skills and for being an ambitious and really wonderful guy too.

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Saree Salter

The poster says it all. Saree is balancing her songwriting with live gigs and taking stock of this moment of now to be inspired about the unique place she calls home. Saree is one to watch and following the footsteps of great original indie folk artists that Tasmania has produced. She has a captivating lilt in her voice that makes you hang onto every lyric. We are blessed to have her join the crew and make her debut on Spirit of Tasmania.

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Stephanie Reynolds

Steph is an creative paper artist with a booty of materials under her arm to get you crafting out your own memento masterpiece. Steph debuts as a Host on board, influencing us to see the history of paper in a new light. The re-purposed designs are exquisite, matched with storytelling of Tasmanian makers inspired by their natural environment. The hands on interactions enriches the passenger experience. Steph is a previous finalist of the international 'Paper on Skin' design competition and a much respected artist and supporter of the arts in Tasmania.

Henry Rippon

Henry is flourishing in music, audio engineering and sound production. A solo performance steeped in the roots of blues and jazz, with a voice that sounds like you have travelled back in a time machine. The set changes and the Henry's folk style repartee feels like we are all sharing the same log amongst a stand of blackwoods with a campfire crackling nearby. Henry has branched out to play and support many great musicians yet it is his bass playing and musical comardary with fellow Raccoon Dog members that is the place he calls home. Henry has been a crew member for many years now and we so very welcome him back as always.

Emily Swanson

If Emily can add strings to her bow, she will. She is a highly skilled musician and is currently studying a double degree at University of Tasmania. A Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Science. Face & body painting has been part of the household growing up and Emily is the 2nd generation of Swanson's to join the team. Her very talented mother Julie, being the first. Inviting Emily to work as a ship entertainer has been fabulous for all of us. And for Emily, well she saved up and got that car she wanted for hightailing it back to Hobart for her studies.

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Alexandra Rose

Ali is magnetic with young people whether its singing, dancing or just good ol' fashioned play. She creates a world that you want to step into where normal life is left at the door and the velvet curtains are about to open. Televison experience has led to her conducting theatre and acting skill classes for children, giving young people the confidence to reimagine their futures. Possiblities in the creative industries are for everyone, including from this corner of Tasmania. Ali has become an integral crew member in the summer holidays and dubbed the 'Pied Piper' from her collegues. So much fun.

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Shasa Bolton

May we just firstly say that Shasa is a musician on board who has recorded his own album and performs timeless tunes with whimsy and heart. To label Shasa with a job title or to accurately describe all of his talents and perspectives on life would be a travesty. We'll just paint a small picture for you. For a start he is an mechanical automator, engineering sculptures with moving parts inspired by the ancient greeks. Yet he is also a writer, an explorer, an inventor, a builder, a many wonderful things. Shasa is someone very special to us for his curiosity and sense of adventure for life. A long standing crew member that returns in 2023.

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Shaneen Bagala

Shanneen is known as a Trivia Host based in Launceston, yet there is so much more to this vivacious talent. Beneath her expertise is a good heart for enabling people to succeed. She is comfortable both on stage and in a healthcare related setting. Shanneen brings more than the typical quiz game to you. By the time you arrive at port you are likely to be fascinated about Tasmania, sung along to a tune, meditated to the sound of the waves and laughed at her jokes. It's a thrill to welcome Shanneen as a Host this year.

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Jerome Hillier

It's hard to guess what type of venue Jerome has not played at. His jam packed schedule of work as a solo musician reads everything from backyard BBQ family events to classy corporate gigs. Jerome fills dancefloors with popular songs from the decades that spark ol' memories like vinyl dashboards and blue light discos. Oh the echoes of the past come flooding back and we gyrate with gusto like no-one is watching. Jerome is a firm local favourite that invites you to leave the humdrum of life at the door and let the good times roll.

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Steve Jackson

Steve has an arts degree. It was a bit dusty sitting somewhere in a drawer. He has devoted his life to school teaching but its time to get back to working as the artist that he is. Steve joins the family entertainment crew with the simplicity of three ingredients - pencils, paper and imagination. The reaction from the kids on board has been excellent. The attention Steve devotes, either one on one or within a group, sparks a personalised creative exchange that becomes a fabulous memory of every kid's voyage. When we mentioned that Steve was joining our crew, people said "oh yes of course, he's perfect!"

Mandi Alexander

This photo is from 2011! Mandi makes a return to sea and we are pretty excited about it. So is Caro, as these two peas in a pod are still inseperatable after all these years. Even during the pandemic when face painting wasn't favourable, they applied for work at a discount retailer and both got the job! After being temporarily cast from the ship, they became cast employees of 'Shiploads'. Mandi has established herself as a prominent face & body painter with a niche side market producing the art of henna. This Henna Gypsy has the most memorable laugh that radiates from the hilly country of Wilmot. Generous, warm and funny. We wouldn't have Mandi any other way.

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Mikayla J

Raised on the ever-changing landscapes of Central Queensland, to as far west as the Pilbara in Western Australia, Mikayla J grew up on the road. A childhood that inspired her current touring setup of a 13 foot vintage caravan, a car that runs and enough cash to get by. It may not be the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle many musicians dream of, but it’s how Mikayla J ‘lives the dream’. A life on the road runs deep; a healthy diet of country music and her desire to connect and communicate through honest storytelling. Mikayla J has played everywhere from small towns in the Northern Territory, to around Australia, and all the way to Nashville Tennessee, supporting some of Australia’s best country artists along the way.

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Campbell Madden

Campbell 'Soupy' Madden has majored in Theatre, Film and Television and has degrees in Education. He is currently a producer and presenter for a weekly sports radio show called "Sidelined" for a leading Australian community media organisation, Joy 94.4. A teacher by trade, Campbell has downed pens to pick them up again courtesy of SoundStorm Trivia. He's loving this challenge of switching from hosting Trivia events in pubs to quiz mastering on Bass Strait. Campbell's public speaking accolades include hosting fundraising trivia events for schools, theatre groups and the corporate sector. He has taught the art of public speaking to primary and tertiary students and is a Master of Ceremonies. It is our utmost pleasure to welcome Campbell to the Creature Tales Crew.